Picture Galleries

Picture Galleries are used to organise the images which you upload for use in your site.

There are two types of gallery; Internal, and Public. - You would use internal galleries as a mechanism for uploading images to your site which you could then re-use in the content of your site. Public Galleries are publicly displayed in a nicely formatted 3 wide display of thumbnails. We create small and medium sized images automatically from your uploaded image which makes download speeds nice and quick for your visitors.

We are also particular about our server's caching settings so that we allow caching of all images on your site, this makes subsequent re-loads of each page very quick as you don't have to wait for additional downloads of images which you have already downloaded.

For a good example of what you can do with picture galleries;
Click here for a 'Personal Site' using galleries.
Click here for a 'Product listing' style use.
Click here for a gallery of artwork ~ Freephone: (NZ) 0508 932337
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