Missing page handler

If you're moving your site from somewhere else to host with us; you may have been listed with search engines before you moved. - It would be a shame to loose those valuable indexed listings with those search engines. - So we made a missing page handler to catch all requests to pages which no longer exist on your site.

We call this "Smart404" - eg:

Search.XtraMSN listed this link as a result at their search engine:

This link does not exist after the NZ Footwear Industry Association moved their site to host with us.. - But click the link and see how we're handling this. We've added a 'SmartURL' entry to forward this missing page to the relevant section within the site. - It's a Smart404 handler.

(This link was available from here: - and we know this because we track the instances of people requesting pages which don't exist.

Reasons for tracking page requests which don't exist:

  • It can alert us to a problem one of our customers is experiencing with their site content.
  • It can alert us to security vulnerabilities (hack attempts).
  • It can alert us to take action to provide a more suitable solution where there is a large number of people coming to a single missing page. - We can put a fixed redirection in place to handle the redirection permenantly.

    A direct example of the Smart404 handler is here: (The page linked to here does not exist..)

    Our 'Smart 404' handler also matches requests on your website to any page titles, as an example if you had a page on your site called 'Contact Us' and someone typed in the url '/contact us' we'd simply load this content directly out for them making the ID numbered web pages more friendly for you to give to your visitors.

    This also helps with Search Engine listings, it makes the named pages available for better searching and indexing.

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