One of the downfalls of dynamic content is often the messy and confusing URLS which are used when calling webpages, this page for example is: - the .cfm?ID=3117 often does not mean anything to anyone other than the person who created the system.

As that is the address you would need to give out in order to direct someone to a particular page, we've made another system which will handle a request to a 'friendly' name, redirecting this request to one of our pages...

Try clicking here:
Then.. click here:

- Same thing right? - I've added a SmartURL to forward all requests from the 2nd, nicer formatted address to the messy URL.

In this way, if you were promoting a range of your products, and wanted to make a nice URL for you to send out in an email, or give out over the phone, you could...

Say, for example...: ~ Freephone: (NZ) 0508 932337
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