GMAIL Services

Some time ago Webdes moved the hosted email services to GMAIL. This Google based service provides an excellent level of service, spam filtering etc for hosted domains for up to 100 users per domain. They allow up to 6GB of mail storage space per user account.

> However, In a more recent development, GMAIL now charges US$5 per account PER MONTH. This is a significant jump from the (previously free) service, but we still regard the GMAIL service as one of the best for SPAM protection.

In response to this cost, we have been trialling other more cost-effective email services, one of which we can offer our clients for around NZ$5/month. We are not as happy with this service as we are in Gmails, and our reccommendation (if budgets allow) would be to pay that bit extra for GMAIL account(s).

Gmail allow POP and IMAP checking of your accounts, along with SMTP service for sending email, so you can run your email through your favourite email client, not just through their Webmail interface.

GMAIL POP client setup instructions
GMAIL IMAP client setup instructions

We tried for years to provide a good email service, but the issues with SPAM soon meant that we were faced with a real challenge when asked to provide commercial grade email hosting services for customers who didn't want to pay full normal commercial prices.

Being a small, boutique hosting firm, the obvious answer was to turn to a larger partner who specialise in this. The results with GMAIL to date have been fantastic. I've had less than 1% of my inbound spam make it's way through into my inbox.

Another benefit of this service is that you're setup as a mail administrator for your domain, so if you want to add or change the accounts hosted on your domain - you're in control! Talk to us about your requirements and we'll tell you if it's easily achieved. :)

Quick cheat sheet:
- Enable POP in your GMAIL account.
- Setup your client:
POP - Port 995, SSL -
SMTP - Port 587, TLS - ~ Freephone: (NZ) 0508 932337
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