Email Services

As part of your ezSite, and domain registration done through Ltd, we are happy to setup and run your email through our servers..

This means that you have full control over your email accounts. In terms of setup and how you use them.

- Initially we carry out a very basic setup on all of our hosted domains. - We make a "nobody" alias which will capture ALL inbound email to your new domain; we forward all emails to your normal ISP's email account.

In this manner, when you start your new domain with us, all email to "" or "" etc etc.. will seamlessly go through to your normal email account, at your normal ISP. - You will not have to do anything special in order to receive these emails.

- As a second step, you might want to install and configure some extra real accounts for you. This will enable you to easily send email OUT from that address too! - At this point, we would make a single administration account for you. - You can login and configure the rest of your email requirements yourself through a web interface. ~ Freephone: (NZ) 0508 932337
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